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Low Minors

On this page we will describe our philosophy and what and how we wish to go about building a winning team. First we start with a solid foundation which begins at the ground of course. Our Low minor league system has to be a complete force of up and coming talented player from 17 to 24 years of age this is the players peek development days. Pitching is as with all ball club first and for most, but a solid offense can't be to far behind either. also not forgetting defensive skills as well this is were they horn those attributes.

AAA Roster

Our Golds here a simple keep and hold players either that didn't have success in the bigs or that are waiting for their chance at a spot on the Active roster. The Free Agents are assigned to this squad as they wait their turn to be called up, Some rookies may find their way back down to the AAA if their proformance is up to par.
This is all so the last place a player will see at the end of a season, being on the Beacon team all players are cut for this squad at years end making cap room for next season. 

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